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Dr. Jacobs literally touches the lives of hundreds of people every week. We all know that he is a skilled healer, but we also want you to know a little bit more about the remarkable people that come to Carlsbad Wellness Chiropractic to improve their health.

Judy G.

“I couldn’t believe what was happening!”, exclaimed our patient, Judy. She tensed up to prepare for impact. Her adult son was in the passenger seat, but he didn’t understand yet why she was screaming. She had nowhere to go. While she sat trapped at a red stop light, a car going over 40 mph smashed into the back of her truck. The other driver was literally asleep at the wheel.

Judy’s truck was totaled. The day after the accident, she and her son woke up with stiff necks and couldn’t turn their heads all the way.  Judy had lower back pain and both sitting and walking hurt.

All during her first pregnancy and for various ailments like frozen shoulder, lower back and hip pain, Judy received chiropractic treatment. Although she had gone to a chiropractor her entire adult life, Judy had never been in an auto accident and she didn’t know what to do. It was her attorney, Brian Mortlock, who referred her to Carlsbad Wellness Chiropractic to help her with her injuries.

Judy said that her body was so out of alignment that it “popped so loud!” during her initial treatment. Not long after their first visits with Dr. Jacobs, Judy and her son began to feel better.  More mobility in her neck, and the aches and pains were reduced so that she could go back to her work office.  Now she can do her regular 1-mile walk at work and she has returned to the gym.

The mental part of the crash took its toll on Judy, too. “Dr. Jacobs gave me emotional and psychological support” in addition to the physical treatments.  “He is always so upbeat”, she smiles.

Even in a low impact collision, your neck, back, and soft tissues can be traumatized and damaged by the sudden force. You may not have obvious physical symptoms like bleeding or bruising, but your body has still been hurt and needs to recover. Chiropractic adjustments speed up healing of the inflammation that causes pain, stiffness and reduced mobility from a car accident. If you or someone you care about is in an auto accident, please give us a call. We can help!

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