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What Our Patients Say

We literally see life-changing miracles on a daily basis. We encourage you to read through some of our success stories to get a sense of how chiropractic may help you. Then give our Oceanside chiropractic office a call to get started with chiropractic care! See over 150 more 5-star reviews on Yelp.

“We care about two things – results and our reputation. It’s why we strive for excellence! We take your health seriously.”

San Diego Magazine Top Doctor – Dr. Michael Jacobs

  • Very satisfied. Very pleasant soothing office.
    - Corinne G.
  • Very professional. I felt 100% better walking out. Highly recommended.
    - Ryan C.
  • Dr. Jacobs,

    Thank you so much for all your help these past 9 months. You have not only helped with my pain. but helped me see that I am not my pain. My look is so different now. Thank you also for all your knowledge so graciously shared regarding books, therapies, and the couples therapy retreat.
    You are so awesome! I will miss you.


    - Sam
  • I’m so happy to have found dr Jacobs!! I’ve been searching for a great chiropractor in the area for about 3 years! He’s excellent.. I highly recommend!!!
    - Tanya C.
  • Wow, I have never been adjusted like that. I think the initial check was more thorough than anyone has ever done. So when the adjustment happened, Dr Jacobs was “honed in”. It is the morning after and I am still starstruck.
    - Brian B.
  • I was having a really really bad pain but now I feel so great first day felt so good. He is so good.
    - Selena G.
  • For a guy who can’t find a lot of time during the week , the time I spent there was very easy , quick and well spent . I will definitely be returning and referring people
    - Chester W.
  • I like them very much would recommend to friends and family.
    - Russel F.
  • I’m so happy I was referred to Dr. Jacobs ….he listened and addressed all my concerns …feeling so much better after my first visit.
    - Mary F.
  • I thought Dr. Jacobs was a very good listener and spent the time to explain the treatment plan and process with us. I have never been to a chiropractor before and was concerned.
    - Mary A.
  • I have always been a little fearful of chiropractic… After my visit I have changed my mind. Dr. is super kind, professional, knowledgeable, explains everything to you about how your body works and functions, I’m so impressed!
    - Lori S.
  • Alex at the front desk has been flexible with my schedule and very helpful and friendly. The Doctor was extremely effective and comprehensive in his explanations and treatments. I look forward to good health. Cheers!
    - Megan O.
  • Dr. Jacobs is so friendly, knowledgeable, and truly cares about his patient. I felt so comfortable and like he had an overall passion for wellness: mentally, emotionally, and physically. He’s got a great sense of humor, personality, and optimism.
    - Lauren V.
  • Dr. Jacobs was professional, helpful, and personable. My evaluation and adjustment were stellar, and I look forward to returning in the future!
    - Danica S.
  • Received great advice. What a great experience!
    - Exodus L.
  • The experience was great and my pain was less with just the first visit.
    - Janet H.
  • Thank you my first time appointment, it was perfect
    - Abel C.
  • Awesome service. Always a pleasure visiting your office.
    - Lucia C.
  • Informative and helpful, very friendly and professional, I would recommend highly. Thank you
    - Jason A.
  • Great Job! Superb practice.
    - Laurianne D.
  • This is the first time I feel like I am going to be able to get back to my normal activities.
    - Marla K.
  • In one visit Dr. Jacobs identified the cause of the vertigo . He has been able to help me tremendously. Thank You Doc. You truly are a healer!!!
    - Sai K.

This was my first visit to Carlsbad wellness chiropractic. I didn't go there with high expectations by staff I felt very welcome The wait wasn't long at all. I filled out the necessary paperwork and within 10 minutes I believe it was I was seen by Mr Jacobs and he asked me what the problem was I explained it to him and he explained to me what was going on with my back laid a course of action and within 10 minutes I was up and going although not in 100% condition but enough to wear I felt great relief can't wait for my next visit which is tomorrow. If anybody out there has back pain I recommend you go see Dr Jacobs at Carlsbad wellness chiropractor. Lance W.
I wasn't sure my deep shoulder's pain could be relieved, I'm pleasantly surprised how much the pain subsided even though it was my first visit. I'm looking forward to farther treatments as I can finally sleep through the night, I was not having any relief from over the counter pain reducers. I'm happy my wife referred me to Michael T Jacob's DC. Kurt B.
Dr. Jacobs was very kind, welcoming, and knowledgeable! He interacted with my little one so well and gave us as parents a lot of hope and reassurance that his symptoms would improve over time with the help of chiropractic. Carson K.
Dr. Jacobs is a master! Haven't seen him for years (we moved out of the area). When we are in town and in need of chiropractic care, we call Dr. Jacobs. Helped my son with an out of place rib; and me with an intermittent chronic issue. So grateful! Kelly J.
I am very satisfied with Dr Jacobs initial visit! Very competent and knowledgeable. Dr Jacobs explained and walk me thru the examination efficiently and clearly explained my condition and educated me where i could understand the process. His assistant at the front desk (Erica) who is very nice and professional assisted me with my initial application forms and answered all of my questions. I was seen by Dr Jacobs as scheduled and without delay. I would rate Dr Jacobs at a 4.9 out of 5 stars for my initial visit! Robert S.
My friend referred me. I called and was immediately called back and offered the first available appointment. I felt encouraged but not pressured that I might get relief for a chronic condition. I arrived late and was received graciously. I felt covid safe and comfortable with "normal" staff. I didn't have to wait long and was seen by the good chiropractor Jacobs. He listened and obviously is very knowledgeable. Needing to be heard and responded to with hopeful treatment options is what I needed and got. Yay! I feel better and encouraged after the first treatment. Stacy P.
I first met Dr. Michael T. Jacobs about 5 years ago, when me and my lady were rear ended in an auto accident. A very good lawyer referred us to him. We walked into his office which was in Carlsbad at the time. From the very beginning they were very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend Dr. Michael T. Jacobs to anyone that is in need of a great Chiropractor... George R.
Dr. Jacobs and his entire staff were so kind, informative, and helpful. This was my first experience with a chiropractor. I've only had one appointment and already have some relief from the pain (pain that has been there over 10 years!) Dr. Jacobs explained each step, what he was doing, and why. It made for a very easy and comfortable first visit. I'd definitely recommend visiting Dr. Jacobs and his team. I hope he can help you just as much as he has me. Lisa M.
I was told that I had a pulled muscle in my back by a medical doctor. But it never got any better. Dr Jacob's found that I had a rib out. He put it back in place, adjusted my neck hips and back and the pain is going away as I type this. Thank you Carlsbad Wellness Chiropractic Services. Jeff T.
I love Carlsbad Wellness Chiropractic because everyone is so warm, friendly and caring! They make you feel good even when you're not feeling well because of their genuine concern for your well-being. They take great efforts in getting to know you personally and are always willing to listen. Dr. Jacobs is amazing and extremely knowledgeable. I have been getting treatments for about 5 weeks and I am starting to feel the difference in my body and the pain is beginning to subside. I was never skeptical but I thought it would take much longer to start to feel better. It has made a huge difference in my everyday life. Some days are better than others but it gives me hope that I can become pain free. Thank you so much to Dr. Jacobs and his team! I look forward to my visits to the office. Everyone has more than surpassed my expectations!!! Traci H.
After I was in a recent car accident I visited Dr. Jacobs to analyze and adjust my back, neck and jaw. I'm starting my third week and I feel 90% better! The staff is so kind and friendly. Dr. Jacobs goes above and beyond, he gives great wellness advice and recommendations. If your looking for a good chiropractor, you should visit Dr Jacobs!
Nicole S.
I've been seeing Dr Jacobs for almost 20 years! The first and only chiropractor that I've ever been to. I don't know what our family would do without his attentive & holistic care. The office staff are wonderful & flexible too! Jacqueline F.
Clean, simple office with the sweetest receptionists. Dr. Michael is kind and effective. He is extremely positive and has an awesome perspective on life. Love going in for my weekly adjustments. This has been a great addition, routine for my health and wellness. Dina P.
Dr.Jacobs and his staff is amazing, everybody is so nice and I have the feeling they all really care about your wellbeing. When I visit the office it's always a welcoming atmosphere and I never wait. Dr. Jacobs is very experienced and his treatment helped me tremendously. He is doing his job with compassion, additionally he gives you a lot of ideas to improve your health. I made the best experience ever and highly recommend Dr. Jacobs and his team. Andrea S.
Dr. Jacobs is a very important person in my life because he is always upbeat, always giving his best, always offering solutions and I always leave feeling so much better than when I walked in- both physically and mentally! If you get to visit Dr Jacobs you will find out this is true and want to recommend him to everyone you know! Elaine S.
One Of the Best in the Business! I feel Great after every Visit with Dr. Jacobs. Highly recommend if your in the North County area. Evan L.
Dr. Jacobs is always so happy and positive. He has treated my back and hip pain for several months and recommended great strategies for me to use. I am feeling stronger and walking better thanks to him.
June D.
Great guy, great results. Ed R.
Very pleased with my first office visit. I will definitely be a returning patient! Everyone in the office was very kind and everything was explained well to me. Caroline A.
From reading about the clinic I felt it would be a good fit for me. When I called that was reinforced by the friendly and caring Angie who gave me information and a very good tip for convenience of finding the parking area. The other staff and Dr. Jacobs put me completely at ease. The assessment and adjustment were gentle and professional and I am pleased to report effective. I believe I am on the way back to a full and active life free from the bonds of lower back pain. I will return for the duration of therapy and plan to continue for good health maintenance thereafter. Highly recommend for anyone presently suffering to try sooner than later. Conseulo M.
I came to Dr. Jacobs needing a more comprehensive approach to my chiropractic care. I know that a lot of my issues are due to my job and lifestyle and that a focus on the fundamental causes of my problems was needed. I absolutely love all these things:

  • The doc's relaxed personality, breadth of knowledge and willingness to take a few minutes to share new methods to help my overall health
  • Private rooms
  • Super friendly staff
  • The time the doc takes to make sure I am properly prepped for my adjustment and that it's successful afterward.

April E.

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