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  • I was very impressed with the friendly, professional care I got from the office staff and Dr. Jacobs. I can feel a difference in my pain level even after one visit!

    - Karen S.
  • One of the best!

    - Sharon S.
  • Thank you for making my hip feel like new again. I am so grateful, I was able to enjoy my snow boarding trip. I will be back soon for another appointment.

    - Adele L.
  • Best treatment from Doctor and all staff, caring and patient attitude. Compassionate, understanding and empathetic. The doctor was able to explain with such ease about my injuries and how to better take care of myself.

    - Linda M.
  • Gave me some relief for the first time in years. A few more visits and I should be pain and discomfort free!

    - Hannah A.
  • Dr. Jacobs is an amazing Chiropractor and individual.

    - Wayne K.
  • I appreciate knowing I can trust Dr. Jacobs and that I feel that he has mine and my children’s best interest at heart. Thank you!

    - Tracy J.
  • Keep up the good work!

    - Jeff L.
  • I feel better after just one appointment. Very helpful!

    - Susan H.
  • Amazing staff! I was very pleased and will never go anywhere else.

    - Sarah P.
  • Dr. Jacobs was excellent and really helped my 12 year old daughter in only 2 visits with a strain in her neck. He’s fantastic and explains everything!

    - Stacey S.
  • Thank you for helping relieve my pain!

    - Wendy C.
  • Thank you for all your help! After being in a car accident, Dr. Jacobs and Angie, you have been so supportive!

    - Anna M.
  • My first experience was very exciting and I’m happy to go back tomorrow.

    - Zelda P.
  • So happy with treatment. Back pain is gone after 5 sessions. Very happy.

    - Mark F.
  • Excellent health care provider, takes insurance and reasonable competitive rates. Always looks at overall health as well as his specialty.

    - Eric K.
  • This place was lovely and the doctor was amazing.

    - Aarika M.
  • Dr. Jacobs is very mindful and insightful in both his diagnoses and treatments. The office staff is wonderful and so easy to work with. I have never been kept waiting. This is an excellent chiropractic practice, which I would highly recommend.

    - Loie M.
  • They are personable, helpful, gentle, and talented!

    - Shawneea P.
  • Dr Jacobs took the time to listen to me. He gave me the confidence that coming here will lead me to wellness. I am impressed with his skill and that he helped me on my first visit. I am thankful that he seem to really care!

    - Leon F.
  • Awesome service! I’m so thankful I chose Dr. Jacobs!

    - Iulia R.

Highly Recommend

I love the professional way the office staff runs the office and the understanding of my late arrival for my appointment. My first meeting with Dr. Jacobs was very assuring to me on my very first visit. I will be back again and again. I will highly recommend this office to my friends. Thank you.

Lillian M.

Looking Forward to More Great Visits

He was amazing! I had pain for weeks, and after my first visit, I had little to no pain. I’m very hopeful that he will continue to help me, and that I can stay healthy! Also, the receptionist was kind and friendly. I felt like I had been a patient for a long time! Looking forward to more great visits and good health!

Jill P.

Helpful and Compassionate

Facility was very clean and calming. Staff extremely helpful and compassionate. Dr. Jacobs and staff are awesome! Highly recommend! Looking forward to a wellness program to keep my body healthy and happy!

Millie M.

Super Gentle and Caring

The Carlsbad Wellness center is awesome. Dr. Jacobs is very knowledgeable and always makes me feel better. I rarely make an appointment, I just walk in and the staff greets me with open arms. Dr. Jacobs always gets me in and out in a jiffy. I have cancer in my spine and I will only trust Dr. Jacobs to work on me. He is super gentle and caring. Thanks, Dr. Jacobs and staff! You are the best!

Tracey S.

Dr. Jacobs Is Amazing

I have been suffering from TMJ symptoms for almost 10 years. Today’s appointment gave me hope that I will not be suffering anymore very soon! Dr. Jacobs is an amazing physician who is very knowledgeable and positive that he can help me in this process. He even allowed me to see how my friend gets adjusted which helped put me at ease. You can just tell that he knows his specialty and cares about people! I’m excited to see what happens!

Elaine S.

One of the Best

I have been seen by many Chiropractors over the years. Dr. Jacobs is one of the best in my opinion. I have relief after the first office visit. I highly recommend this talented practitioner.

Linda P.

Thank You

Alex is a sweetie. She has been so helpful from our first email to the present. Dr. Jacobs’ friendliness helped me relax and his explanations enabled me to feel confident in his treatments. I really like that he did not do any harsh manipulations. I walked out with more ease than when I walked in. Thank you

Lulu P.

Look Forward to Every Visit

So happy we found Dr. Jacobs! He really takes his time and is full of wisdom. Look forward to every visit and a happy healthy back!

Matthew H.

A Master In His Field

Dr. Jacobs is a master in his field. When my old 73-year-old doctor retired I searched for years for a new doctor that could fill his enormous talents. Dr. Jacobs is actually light years ahead in his skills and ability to analyze the problem. He has fixed my back, neck, hip and wrist issues over the past few years. Thank you for all you have done for me and my family. We are lucky people to have you to educate us and fix us when we are too lazy to follow your instructions.

Brett W.

Treats You Like An Individual

My husband and I have been patients of Dr.Jacobs for several years now and would unequivocally recommend him to anyone looking for holistic health care. Prior to meeting Dr. Jacobs we had both been to other, typical Chiropractors that we would not endorse. By typical Chiropractors, I’m referring to those practices that require contracts and get you “stuck” with ongoing treatment whether you need it or not.

One of the most refreshing things about Dr. Jacobs is that he doesn’t try to sell you, he doesn’t push ongoing treatment on you, instead he treats you like an individual and provides specific treatment based on one’s needs, he also recommends things you can do at home to save having to go in to get an adjustment, all on a case by case, no pressure basis.

Dr. Jacobs and his staff are gentle, authentic, and make you feel completely welcome. There is no judgment here, just care and support. Additionally, Dr. Jacobs offers monthly free lectures on various holistic subject matters, like managing stress, etc. I would recommend those too.
We’re happy customers/patients:)
M. Ford, Carlsbad

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