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What Our Patients Say

We literally see life-changing miracles on a daily basis. We encourage you to read through some of our success stories to get a sense of how chiropractic may help you. Then give our Oceanside chiropractic office a call to get started with chiropractic care!

“We care about two things – results and our reputation. It’s why we strive for excellence! We take your health seriously.”

San Diego Magazine Top Doctor – Dr. Michael Jacobs

  • Received great advice. What a great experience!

    - Exodus L.
  • I have always been a little fearful of chiropractic… After my visit I have changed my mind. Dr. is super kind, professional, knowledgeable, explains everything to you about how your body works and functions, I’m so impressed!

    - Lori S.
  • Informative and helpful, very friendly and professional, I would recommend highly. Thank you

    - Jason A.
  • Great team! Thank you!

    - Jayme A.
  • Very satisfied. Very pleasant soothing office.

    - Corinne G.
  • Great Job! Superb practice.

    - Laurianne D.
  • This is the first time I feel like I am going to be able to get back to my normal activities.

    - Marla K.
  • Wow, I have never been adjusted like that. I think the initial check was more thorough than anyone has ever done. So when the adjustment happened, Dr Jacobs was “honed in”. It is the morning after and I am still starstruck.

    - Brian B.
  • The experience was great and my pain was less with just the first visit.

    - Janet H.
  • Alex at the front desk has been flexible with my schedule and very helpful and friendly. The Doctor was extremely effective and comprehensive in his explanations and treatments. I look forward to good health. Cheers!

    - Megan O.
  • Dr. Jacobs was professional, helpful, and personable. My evaluation and adjustment were stellar, and I look forward to returning in the future!

    - Danica S.
  • For a guy who can’t find a lot of time during the week , the time I spent there was very easy , quick and well spent . I will definitely be returning and referring people

    - Chester W.
  • You and your team are fantastic! Very helpful and saved me money on top of everything else. A big thank you to everyone.

    - Yvonne D.
  • Very professional. I felt 100% better walking out. Highly recommended.

    - Ryan C.
  • Great team! Thank you!

    - Jayme A.
  • Dr. Jacobs is so friendly, knowledgeable, and truly cares about his patient. I felt so comfortable and like he had an overall passion for wellness: mentally, emotionally, and physically. He’s got a great sense of humor, personality, and optimism.

    - Lauren V.
  • I’m so happy I was referred to Dr. Jacobs ….he listened and addressed all my concerns …feeling so much better after my first visit.

    - Mary F.
  • I’m so happy to have found dr Jacobs!! I’ve been searching for a great chiropractor in the area for about 3 years! He’s excellent.. I highly recommend!!!

    - Tanya C.
  • I thought Dr. Jacobs was a very good listener and spent the time to explain the treatment plan and process with us. I have never been to a chiropractor before and was concerned.

    - Mary A.
  • Thank you my first time appointment, it was perfect

    - Abel C.
  • In one visit Dr. Jacobs identified the cause of the vertigo . He has been able to help me tremendously. Thank You Doc. You truly are a healer!!!

    - Sai K.

Attentive & Understanding

Dr. Jacobs and his staff were attentive to my needs and very understanding. There was no pressure just genuine compassion for wanting to make me pain free. I love the atmosphere of the office because it’s calm and relaxing and your sessions are private and completely focused on you and your needs. I will definitely continue to see Dr Jacob and his team for my care. Thank you for making me feel so important!

Traci H.

So Thankful!

I am pretty nervous to visit a new chiropractor. I feel so many are in it for the money. My friends recommended Dr.Jacob! I am so thankful! I did not even mention what side or all areas I was in pain! Dr. Jacob found all those areas and just after one adjustment I am feeling much better. Looking forward to my next visit! Thank you, Dr. Jacob!

Susan K.

Absolutely Love

I came to Dr. Jacobs needing a more comprehensive approach to my chiropractic care. I know that a lot of my issues are due to my job and lifestyle and that a focus on the fundamental causes of my problems was needed. I absolutely love all these things:

  • The doc’s relaxed personality, breadth of knowledge and willingness to take a few minutes to share new methods to help my overall health
  • Private rooms
  • Super friendly staff
  • The time the doc takes to make sure I am properly prepped for my adjustment and that it’s successful afterward.

April E.

Felt Confident and Cared For

This was my first visit and I felt the service was very worthwhile! I feel confident that the treatment will help my condition. Dr. Jacobs took the time to explain everything he was doing. The receptionist was very kind and helpful as well! A wonderful first experience!

Dana J.

No One Comes Close

I miss going to your office and being under your superb care. You and your staff are highly trained that I haven’t been able to find another Chiropractic practice here in Washington DC. You and your office set a very high standard with the best care I had; you and your staff go way above and beyond to accommodate me; you had taught me a new healthier approach in my lifestyle. Not just care about my body, but treat it as a whole (body, soul, and spirit). I haven’t had the flu, cough or colds ever since. An occasional migraine but not as debilitating as before. I have been in numerous (11 total as of 11/02/18) Chiropractic practices for the last 7 months in Washington DC, Maryland, and North Virginia and nothing compares with the extensive knowledge with you, Dr. Jacobs and your awesome staff. No one comes even close. When I go back to Oceanside, CA your office will be my first stop for sure! May the Lord Jesus continue to bless you and your family! Best regards to everyone!

Raquel H.

Great Team That’s There To Help!

Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great team that’s there to help. I’m a high level athlete and will back every 2-3 days to insure best results!

Ethan R.

I’m Very Grateful

I’m very grateful to have been referred to this place. The staff is very kind and Dr. J has a very kind demeanor, focusing on the whole self; Encouraging and motivating me to meditate and also giving other holistic health tips. I’m looking forward to the continued path of wellness.

Charity B.

Amazing Experience

Amazing doctor that made us feel so welcomed and explained everything with such clarity. So happy to have chosen Carlsbad Wellness for my first Chiropractor visit!

Nicole R.

Calm and Professional Manner

I was impressed with the efficiency and friendliness of the office staff. I also liked the Dr. Jacob’s calm and professional manner. He was was “spot on” with his diagnosis and treatment.

Beth Z.

Friendly and Professional

The office staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Jacobs is very friendly and professional. He takes his time and makes sure you are comfortable in what he is doing and explains everything that will take place. He values the input of his patients and their opinions. I am looking forward to continued visits there and know he will be a big help to me.

Joel M.

In Good Hands

Without mentioning names but I was pleased to find a chiropractor who knew how to read Xrays that I brought in…my case is severe. I recently went to another practice with the same Xrays in hand and his observation in his mind was…OH, YOU ARE FINE…nothing wrong here. I don’t think my body GOT THE MEMO…I know that I will need many months of treatment and finally, I am in good hands.

Sharon L.

How Welcomed I Felt

I’m impressed with Dr. Jacobs and his receptionist. Can’t say enough about how welcomed I felt. I like the adjustment I received and I could feel the improvement with just the first visit. I’m looking forward to having Dr. Jacobs as my chiropractor. He even called me that afternoon to see how I was doing. Can’t beat that! Thank you, Dr. Jacobs.

Barbara N.

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