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What Our Patients Say

We literally see life changing miracles on a daily basis. We encourage you to read through some of our success stories to get a sense of how chiropractic may help you. Then give our Oceanside chiropractic office a call to get started with chiropractic care!

“We care about two things – results and our reputation. It’s why we strive for excellence! We take your health seriously.”

San Diego Magazine Top Doctor – Dr. Michael Jacobs

  • I was very impressed with the friendly, professional care I got from the office staff and Dr. Jacobs. I can feel a difference in my pain level even after one visit!

    - Karen S.
  • I feel better after just one appointment. Very helpful!

    - Susan H.
  • Thank you for all your help! After being in a car accident, Dr. Jacobs and Angie, you have been so supportive!

    - Anna M.
  • I thought Dr. Jacobs was a very good listener and spent the time to explain the treatment plan and process with us. I have never been to a chiropractor before and was concerned.

    - Mary A.
  • This place was lovely and the doctor was amazing.

    - Aarika M.
  • Great adjustment, still holding and lower back feels much better!

    - Cory W.
  • Thank you my first time appointment, it was perfect

    - Abel C.
  • Awesome service! I’m so thankful I chose Dr. Jacobs!

    - Iulia R.
  • I’m so happy I was referred to Dr. Jacobs ….he listened and addressed all my concerns …feeling so much better after my first visit.

    - Mary F.
  • Keep up the good work!

    - Jeff L.
  • Dr. Jacobs was excellent and really helped my 12 year old daughter in only 2 visits with a strain in her neck. He’s fantastic and explains everything!

    - Stacey S.
  • Great team! Thank you!

    - Jayme A.
  • Very friendly office staff and Dr. Jacobs is awesome! Great experience.

    - Ella H.
  • My first experience was very exciting and I’m happy to go back tomorrow.

    - Zelda P.
  • Dr. Jacobs is very mindful and insightful in both his diagnoses and treatments. The office staff is wonderful and so easy to work with. I have never been kept waiting. This is an excellent chiropractic practice, which I would highly recommend.

    - Loie M.
  • He was very informative and not only that but good and gentle on me! Loved it. Informed my coworkers and husband to try this place out.

    - Gaby S.
  • I appreciate knowing I can trust Dr. Jacobs and that I feel that he has mine and my children’s best interest at heart. Thank you!

    - Tracy J.
  • One of the best!

    - Sharon S.
  • Best treatment from Doctor and all staff, caring and patient attitude. Compassionate, understanding and empathetic. The doctor was able to explain with such ease about my injuries and how to better take care of myself.

    - Linda M.
  • Alex at the Front Desk was terrific……Dr. Jacobs was informative, efficient, knowledgeable and gives me great hope for a pain-free lower back issue!

    - Jim L.
  • Love this practice, excellent work doctor Jacobs!

    - Yamile M.
  • Gave me some relief for the first time in years. A few more visits and I should be pain and discomfort free!

    - Hannah A.
  • You and your team are fantastic! Very helpful and saved me money on top of everything else. A big thank you to everyone.

    - Yvonne D.
  • Amazing staff! I was very pleased and will never go anywhere else.

    - Sarah P.

Great Team That’s There To Help!

Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great team that’s there to help. I’m a high level athlete and will back every 2-3 days to insure best results!

Ethan R.

I’m Very Grateful

I’m very grateful to have been referred to this place. The staff are very kind and Dr. J has a very kind demeanor, focusing on the whole self; Encouraging and motivating me to meditate and also giving other holistic health tips. I’m looking forward to the continued path of wellness.

Charity B.

Amazing Experience

Amazing doctor that made us feel so welcomed and explained everything with such clarity. So happy to have chosen Carlsbad Wellness for my first Chiropractor visit!

Nicole R.

Calm and Professional Manner

I was impressed with the efficiency and friendliness of the office staff. I also liked the Dr. Jacob’s calm and professional manner. He was was “spot on” with his diagnosis and treatment.

Beth Z.

Friendly and Professional

The office staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Jacobs is very friendly and professional. He takes his time and makes sure you are comfortable in what he is doing and explains everything that will take place. He values the input of his patients and their opinions. I am looking forward to continued visits there and know he will be a big help to me.

Joel M.

In Good Hands

Without mentioning names but I was pleased to find a chiropractor who knew how to read Xrays that I brought in…my case is severe. I recently went to another practice with the same Xrays in hand and his observation in his mind was…OH YOU ARE FINE…nothing wrong here. I don’t think my body GOT THE MEMO…I know that I will need many months of treatment and finally I am in good hands.

Sharon L.

How Welcomed I Felt

I’m impressed with Dr Jacobs and his receptionist. Can’t say enough about how welcomed I felt. I like the adjustment I received and I could feel the improvement with just the first visit. I’m looking forward to having Dr Jacobs as my chiropractor. He even called me that afternoon to see how I was doing. Can’t beat that! Thank you Dr Jacobs.

Barbara N.

Highly Recommend

I love the professional way the office staff runs the office, and the understanding of my late arrival for my appointment. My first meeting with Dr. Jacobs was very assuring to me on my very first visit.I will be back again and again. I will highly recommend this office to my friends. Thank you.

Lillian M.

Looking Forward to More Great Visits

He was amazing! I had pain for weeks, and after my first visit, I had little to no pain. I’m very hopeful that he will continue to help me, and that I can stay healthy! Also the receptionist was kind and friendly. I felt like I had been a patient for a long time! Looking forward to more great visits and good health!

Jill P.

Helpful and Compassionate

Facility was very clean and calming. Staff extremely helpful and compassionate. Dr. Jacobs and staff are awesome! Highly recommend! Looking forward to a wellness program to keep my body healthy and happy!

Millie M.

Super Gentle and Caring

The Carlsbad Wellness center is awesome. Dr. Jacobs is very knowledgeable and always makes me feel better. I rarely make an appointment, I just walk in and the staff greets me with open arms. Dr. Jacobs always gets me in and out in a jiff. I have cancer in my spine and I will only trust Dr. Jacobs to to work on me. He is super gentle and caring. Thanks Dr. Jacobs and staff! You are the best!

Tracey S.

Dr. Jacobs Is Amazing

I have been suffering with TMJ symptoms for almost 10 years. Todays appointment gave me hope that I will not be suffering anymore very soon! Dr. Jacobs is an amazing physician who is very knowledgeable and positive that he can help me in this process. He even allowed me to see how my friend gets adjusted which helped put me at ease. You can just tell that he knows his specialty and cares about people! I’m excited to see what happens!

Elaine S.

One of the Best

I have been seen by many Chiropractors over the years. Dr. Jacobs is one of the best in my opinion. I have relief after the first office visit. I highly recommend this talented practitioner.

Linda P.

Thank You

Alex is a sweetie. She has been so helpful from our first email to the present. Dr. Jacobs’ friendliness helped me relax and his explanations enabled me to feel confident in his treatments. I really like that he did not do any harsh manipulations. I walked out with more ease than when I walked in. Thank you

Lulu P.

Look Forward to Every Visit

So happy we found Dr. Jacobs! He really takes his time and is full of wisdom. Look forward to every visit and a happy healthy back!

Matthew H.

A Master In His Field

Dr. Jacobs is a master in his field. When my old 73 year old doctor retired I searched for years for a new doctor that could fill his enormous talents. Dr. Jacobs is actually light years ahead in his skills and ability to analyze the problem. He has fixed my back, neck, hip and wrist issues over the past few years. Thank you for all you gave done for me and my family. We are lucky people to have you to educate us and fix us when we are to lazy to follow your instructions.

Brett W.

Treats You Like An Individual

My husband and I have been patients of Dr.Jacobs for several years now and would unequivocally recommend him to anyone looking for holistic health care. Prior to meeting Dr. Jacobs we had both been to other, typical Chiropractors that we would not endorse. By typical Chiropractors I’m referring to those practices that require contracts and get you “stuck” with ongoing treatment whether you need it or not.

One of the most refreshing things about Dr. Jacobs is that he doesn’t try to sell you, he doesn’t push ongoing treatment on you, instead he treats you like an individual and provides specific treatment based on one’s needs, he also recommends things you can do at home to save having to go in to get an adjustment, all on a case by case, no pressure basis.

Dr. Jacobs and his staff are gentle, authentic, and make you feel completely welcome. There is no judgment here, just care and support. Additionally Dr. Jacobs offers monthly free lectures on various holistic subject matters, like managing stress etc. I would recommend those too.
We’re happy customers/patients:)
M. Ford, Carlsbad

No More Medication!

Before I came to see Dr. Jacobs, I was treated by 4 other chiropractors and was taking 5 different medications for GERD, allergies, nausea, fatigue, and constipation. The medication and treatment were not helping, and I just felt awful overall. But now with regular adjustments and guidance from Dr. Jacobs, I am now taking NO medication and I feel a million times better! He’s truly the best! Thank you Dr. Jacobs!!!!!!!!

A. Limauro

Very Grateful

I am hopeful for the first time in a long time about my health. Very grateful that I met Dr. Jacobs and that I am able to come here.

M. Lehman


I learned the location from which the pain I was experiencing emanated, and measures I can take to help continue with the alleviation of my symptoms. The visits were very helpful!

D. Henderson

A “Miracle Worker”

Dr. Jacobs at Carlsbad Wellness Chiropractic is a “Miracle Worker.” He not only helped ease my pain from a car accident, but he also has made a tremendous difference in my health and wellbeing. I am filled with energy, and I am able to move easier, even though I have arthritis in many areas of my body.

Dr. Jacobs is compassionate, gentle, and a very positive person. It is a joy to visit his office, and I always leave feeling fantastic!

I would recommend Dr. Jacobs and his wonderful staff to anyone that needs assistance.

Libby S.

Thankful For This Recommendation

I thank from the bottom of my heart to the professionals that recommend me to Dr. Michael Jacobs, professional, exelente and experience. The staff very helpful, make me feel very comfortable.
Maria E.

Listens To His Clients

It is so nice to find someone that listens and knows what they are doing.
Bill H.

Excellent Experience

It’s been an excellent experience thus far. I feel I am learning a lot about my body and how it works and not just getting an adjustment.
Jeff D.

Very Professional

Dr. Jacobs and staff are very professional.
Mike W.


Very good visit and very gentle. Visit was informative and provided me confidence that my issues were resolvable.
Ramesh N.

Relief Of Neck And Back Pain

Dr. Jacobs is very caring and knowledgeable. I appreciate the amount of time he spends with me during our visits and is always available to answer my questions. After going for a week I have already received relief from the pain in my neck and back! I’m excited to see where my healing will take me!
Kristen S.


Dr. Jacobs and the whole staff has been excellent! Dr. Jacobs has treated my family as his own. He takes the time to not only treat your symptoms but also your overall well being.
Brad M.


Dr. Jacobs cares, and goes above and beyond normal procedures. Thank you Dr. Jacobs!
Darren P.


It’s been a pleasure working with Dr. Jacobs, and I am looking forward to recovery.
Theresa N.

Feeling Good!

Back has not felt this good in over 3 months. Thanks!
John G.

Genuinely Concerned!

Dr. Jacobs listens to you, he is genuinely concerned for your well being and will go above and beyond to get you better.
Darren P.


You guys are wonderful! Kind, competent, and always ready to help, with a sense of humor!
Burton B.

Very Professional!

Dr. Michael Jacobs is a wonderful listener and works on the area that needs to be treated. The staff there are very professional and friendly with smiles as you walk in.
Leticia S.


I enjoy the liveliness and energy of this office. It is refreshing to me, especially after a long day at work.
Truc L.

Treat You Like Family!

Dr. Jacobs really knows his stuff! He and his wife Angie treat you like family. I would not go anywhere else for chiropractic care.
Kelly M.


I’m really grateful that a friend referred me to Dr. Jacobs. He’s a caring practitioner who is now alleviating pain I’ve had for three months! It’s a plus that he shares so much of his knowledge about health and wellness. Angie is particularly helpful and friendly, too, making it a joy to visit Carlsbad Wellness Chiropractic. Highly recommended.

Caron C.


I’m very thankful for the care Dr. Jacobs has put into my recovery. He and the staff have been great. I’m so happy I didn’t just sit there and deal with my pain from my car accident. With Dr. Jacobs help I feel so much better. Thank you!

Ishmael F.

Time Taken With Patients!

Dr. Jacobs takes time with his patients, listening carefully, and always keeping in mind that the human body is a complex, interrelated system that exists in the real world.

Jose D.


Dr. Jacobs is wonderful! That’s why our family comes back again and again; and would recommend anyone to seek his care. We have been seen by him for over ten years and feel completely confident in his abilities and expertise whenever we seek his care. We feel very fortunate to know we can always count on receiving excellent attention under his care. It’s because of him that we appreciate chiropractic treatment and care and what an amazing difference it has made in our overall health. He’s awesome!

Janice P.

Feel Amazing!

I feel amazing both spiritually and physically after seeing Michael. I feel so much better long after I leave his office only wanting to come back for the great healing and energy he puts out! It all starts when you walk in the door and you are greeted by the kindest angel, her name is Angie who happens to be his wife!

Karin D.

Very Accommodating

I had had a bad experience with a chiropractor years ago and was a little apprehensive but Dr. Jacobs explained the procedure very well & put me at ease. After 1 week I’m not using pain patches or pain meds. His receptionist Angie is very accommodating & very pleasant.

Nancy H.

They treat you like family

Dr. Jacobs really knows his stuff! He and his wife Angie treat you like family. I would not go anywhere else for chiropractic care.

Kelly M.

Avoided Carpal Tunnel Surgery

I wanted to tell you what I have experienced with the you recommended for me rather than having surgery for the numbness in my hands.  I use it three to four times a day and try to make sure I keep it in areas where I walk often so I can remember to take it up and use it for a couple of minutes.  I have really found the results to be almost unbelievable.  I used to wake up in the middle of the night with such numbness in my hands that I would have to get up and run water over my hands and shake them to try and get feeling back; usually this would take about three or four minutes.  I am not 100% yet, but I am at least 75% better.Read more »

When I ran these results by the surgeon who was going to operate on me for Carpal tunnel syndrome, he not only asked for information on the Flexbar, but told me he could understand how it would help, because it would be getting oxygen into areas that were being blocked.  Thank you so much for this suggestion because so far it has saved me from surgery.

Warmly, Virginia R.

Friendly and caring

I feel that the staff listens not only to my physical complaints but my psychological ones also.
So friendly, so caring. And I appreciate that they truly try to accommodate my schedule when making appointments.

Connie J.


This is my first chiropractic experience and I did not know what to expect. It’s been two weeks and I am impressed. Dr Jacobs is very accessible. He actually takes the time to interact with you to try and get a full scope of the situation so that he can better help you. I am always seen at my scheduled time and the receptionist is very polite. It’s too early to tell if my physical condition is healing but so far I feel that something is definitely improving.

Joana V.

Personable & Knowledgable

I enjoy my visits at Carlsbad Wellness. Angela is very personable and Dr. Jacobs is very knowledgeable about chiropractic care and how it assists the bodies own healing process. He is not only concerned with how I am feeling at the time of the visit but also how I feel after the adjustments. I appreciate that there is no pressure to purchase a package plan that many chiropractors try to talk you into. I am very comfortable recommending Dr. Jacobs to anyone needing chiropractic care.

Phil C.


Dr. Jacobs is very knowledgeable and was able to immediately identify and explain to me what was causing the pain and discomfort I was feeling in my shoulder. I am glad my boss’s wife referred me to his office. To me it is important that to receive professional treatment from someone who I feel comfortable with and I found that in my first visit with Dr. Jacobs.

Randy D.

Found a gem in Michael Jacobs

After more than twenty years of hopping from one chiropractor to another, I have found a gem in Michael Jacobs. His approach to my wellness is holistic, one of genuine concern, and has great insight into alternative treatments. Several members of my family now see the good Doctor, he is the best. The secret to the practice is Angie; she is the glue that holds all things together!

John T.

Excellent Care

I’m finally getting around to thanking Dr. Jacobs for excellent care in early September. I was in the early stages of a surfing vacation when I had significant hip pain – bad enough to keep me from surfing. I saw Dr. Jacobs late in the morning. By bedtime I was feeling fine! Thanks again!

Jordan B

The Best

I have used chiropractic care since 1986. To date Dr Jacobs is THE BEST Chiropractor I have been to. I no longer live in the Carlsbad area, but sure wish I did, if for no other reason than to once again be adjusted by the best. He is amazing and his office has always been an oasis. Go to him if you can.

Patty L.

Avoided Major Back Surgery

We have been going to Dr. Jacobs for about two years now and highly recommend him to anyone who is even remotely thinking about going to a chiropractic doctor.  My wife was told by a “specialist” that she would need major surgery to relieve the chronic pain in her neck and back that she experienced constantly.
Read more »

As a last resort before going under the knife, she visited Dr. Jacobs and after only one visit she noticed a significant reduction in her pain. Over the course of the following year, he has not only eliminated her pain, but has helped restore her mobility and energy to where she is now able to enjoy things like golf, treadmill, walking, and other activities that she had not been able to participate in for over two years prior to seeing Dr. Jacobs.  He has truely changed our lives and we – again – highly recommend him for anyone who is seeking a great Chiropractor!

Kevin B.

True Believer

“Dr. Jacobs really knows his stuff. I have gone to see Michael on several occasions for help with a sore hip and messed up shoulder. On both visits Dr. Jacobs diagnosed and treated the problem with fantastic results. I am a true believer in Michael’s craft and expertise.”

Kevin N.

Medical doctor avoided neck surgery & fusion with chiropractic!

In 1994, I was having severe neck, upper back and right arm pain. The pain was so severe, that I was having difficulty sleeping and also had to take time out of my medical practice. For several years, I had been seeing by physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons who wanted to surgically fuse my neck. Nothing was helping and I was steadily getting worse. I was desperate. I began to see Dr. Jacobs on a regular basis. Read more »

Initially, I was skeptical because I thought my problem was too severe to be helped by chiropractic. In only a few weeks, I began to feel better. I could hardly believe it. My arm pain improved and I was able to sleep again. I would have never believed the great results I was able to receive from seeing Dr. Jacobs. He helped me and I know he can help you!

Mark D., Medical Doctor (MD)

Wellness Coach

“Dr. Jacobs has become my trusted and encouraging Wellness Coach, after I was previously cynical about the chiropractic profession. “The human body has the ability to heal itself” is what Dr. J always says, and I have definitely experienced that first-hand. Thanks to him, a nagging shoulder pain started improving after my very first adjustment.Show More

Furthermore, Dr. J continuously and proactively teaches me different tips and techniques for better overall health and wellness. Incidentally, another chiropractor offered me a free exam and then recommended a program of 40 adjustments for $3000 that “should” correct my shoulder pain. BEWARE THE IMPOSTERS! You can trust Dr. Jacobs completely. I do.”

Dimitris M.

Chiropractic helps Jaw pain, Knee pain, Frozen Shoulder

I have been seeing Dr. Jacobs for about 3 weeks and seen rapid improvement in both my body movement and pain threshold. The most acute problem is a frozen shoulder with very tight neck area. For the first time in a very long time my neck feels loose and I don’t have severe pain regularly. He has also helped me with TMJ, knee pain, and lower back tightness. What I particularly appreciate is he doesn’t just wait for you to identify your problems; he does a body scan and finds areas that are out of sync on his own. Read more »

I had forgotten about my TMJ and he found it and started working on it. As for my knees, wow, I can do exercises I haven’t been able to do in a long time. Lastly, he encourages you to take part in your healing process including giving you exercises and suggesting a healthy diet with plenty of water. Overall, excellent experience, I highly recommend him!

Doreen G

Walking straighter with more energy!

Dr. Jacobs thank you so much for helping my Mother.  It’s so good to see her walking straighter. She seems to have more energy , and is more cheerful.

David U.

Pregnant Patients too

“He is so careful! My body feels so much better every time I go to Dr. Jacobs, and his honest concern for myself and his other customers is easily spotted. My pregnant wife and I have been seeing Dr. Jacobs for a few months now, and we’re very happy with the improvement in the way our bodies feel! Less head aches, back aches, and hip pain. Thanks, Dr. J!”

Andrew W.

Chiropractic and children

My name is Ashley Cohn and I have been going to the Chiropractor since 1991. I originally went for sport injuries. It helped me be able continue gymnastics, soccer and dance. If it weren’t for Chiropractic treatments, I would not have been able to continue my sports. I continue to get treatments today, to stay healthy. We recently moved to Carlsbad and my oldest daughter got a cold. I knew that I needed to find a new Chiropractor, I checked out a couple of doctors and found Dr. Jacobs and Angie. Read more »

We are so happy here. With a couple of treatments and lots of rest and water, Jasper was back to new. Both of my children have gone to the Chiropractor since birth. Chandler, my youngest, got chronic ear infections. I never gave her antibiotics, just natural remedies prescribed by the doctor (chiropractor) and adjustments. She is now six years old and no more ear infections. I know many people go to the MD when they get sick.

We go to the Chiropractor. Dr. Jacobs is awesome. He has nursed us back to health many times. He is also honest, if he thinks you need to be seen by an MD, he will tell you. It is always a great experience to go to Carlsbad Wellness Chiropractic, Angie is a delightful. My kids will tell me, mom, I think I need and adjustment! I also love the prices for kids, very affordable. I know that my children benefit from chiropractic, I am grateful to have found such a caring place to receive treatments.

Ashley C. (Mom & Tri Athelete)

Helps to heal my body & improve my whole person

“Michael is a wonderful chiropractor. I always feel better after an adjustment from him. I started seeing him after a I was involved in a serious car accident. His treatment helped my recovery and I continue to see him at least once a month for general health maintenance and because I sometimes overdo it lifting weights at the gym. Michael is a very caring, compassionate, and positive person who helps to heal my body and improve my whole person.”

Anthony R.

I am able to breath freely again

I came in with an allergy problem, and right after the first adjustment I was able to get a good nights sleep.  Thank you to Dr. Jacobs and to all the advice, I am now able to breath freely again.

MaElena P.

Recommendation by a Dentist!

I have been in the healthcare field for over 20 years and I personally know many chiropractors. I consider Dr. Michael Jacobs one of the best. His gentle techniques and continuing care are outstanding. This is why I highly recommend Dr. Jacobs to all my family, staff and friends. Dr. Jacobs truly can help you achieve and maintain optimal health, wellness and vitality naturally.

Stephen L., Dentist (DDS)

Making better choices

“Dr. Jacobs is so much more than a Chiropractor and Wellness Expert to me. The adjustments I receive from him are great. He is actively undoing 4 years of wear and tear from my Marine Corps days. What matters most to me is that I always walk out of his office more inspired to make healthier choices each day. I feel 100 times better today than I did before I knew him. I am now on a healthy exercise routine, and have a far healthier diet now. I couldn’t be more thankful than to have met this man when I did!”

Jay S.

Expert in his field

I am very grateful for Carlsbad Wellness Chiropractic and Dr. Jacobs.  He is an expert in his field, and my adjustments are always helpful and effective in maintaining my health.

Gloria K.

Shoulder Pain

“Dr Jacobs always has a smile and a good thought for the day. He has helped me with my shoulder. I injured it lifting weights and he has helped me by relieving me from the constant pain I was in. I would recommend him to all my friends. Dr Jacobs is the best Chiropractor at Carlsbad Wellness Chiropractic.”

Chris W.

Chiropractic helped Fibromyalgia

As I walked by the office I knew this was it! I first came to see Dr. Michael Jacobs because every step of every day was painful. I could rarely get comfortable in any position. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2002. My activity was very limited due to chronic pain and fatigue. I suffered with these symptoms since 1997. I was prescribed pain pills, but I do not do well on most meds. I decided to turn to chiropractic because it had previously helped when I received treatment in Massachusetts.

Read more »

My first impression of this chiropractic office was that it had a wonderful vibration- upbeat yet calm. I was almost becoming crippled under severe body pain before Dr. Jacobs helped me realize healing comes from within and chiropractic sparked that fuse- Ignited well being and self care. After just a few visits, I began to see results. My life has changed since starting care. Thanks to chiropractic my pain is some day’s non-existent, often only slightly bothersome, and always manageable now. Overall in this office I love the atmosphere, efficiency, Dr. Jacobs, Ilene, and Angie. My advice to others: Go see Dr. Jacobs regularly and do all the best self care in between!

Nancy L.

Chiropractic eased the pain caused from an auto accident!

In June 2006, I was seriously injured in a near fatal car crash. As a result of that auto accident, I have suffered from significant spinal damage and nerve damage that has caused me chronic pain and disability. In order to avoid high risk surgery I began to see Dr. Jacobs. The results have been something miraculous. I have been able to drastically reduce the pain medication as well as increase my mobility and improve the overall quality of my life. Thank you for all that you have done for me.

Barbara M.

Chiropractic helps with chronic headaches!

I suffered for six years with headaches. I tried so many kinds of medication, also seeking treatment with a neurologist, but nothing seemed to help. It’s frustrating and depressing to lay in bed for days in pain, crying. Then in June my husband and I were involved in a car accident, my headaches worsened. I doubled up on my dosage of medication, hoping it would ease the pain, but I was wrong. It made things worse. A friend referred me to Dr. Michael Jacobs. After a few weeks of treatment I started to see the results. I woke up with no headaches. I sleep better. I am in a better mood. I can now enjoy life once again and I look forward to each new day. I am no longer taking medication or prescription drugs. Thanks Dr. Jacobs for all your help and making me feel great!!!!!

Bessie M.

Chiropractic provided relief after two lower back surgeries!

After two low back surgeries over the past ten years I was still having lower back pain with radiation into both my legs. The pain prevented me from walking any further than a city block without severe pain. The results have been nothing short of satisfaction in alleviating all pain and symptoms, allowing me to walk and run without restrictions. I would recommend Dr. Michael Jacobs to others, it is obvious that he has the ability to provide a program of relief over a long period of time.

Luis A.

Makes a positive difference everytime he adjusts me

Dr. Jacobs is the real deal. He goes beyond the normal chiropractic experience.His advice is spot on and yet not overly preachy…he has a great sense of humor and best of all he makes a positive difference everytime he adjust me.
Thanks for all you do!

Lisa R.

The pain caused from a herniated disc improved with chiropractic care!

I first injured my lower back while swinging a golf club. The injury resulted in a herniated disc aggravated by 20 years of neglect while in the Marine Corps. I was in severe pain. My treatment included visiting the normal orthopedic and neurosurgeons, taking prescription drugs and physical therapy. I continued to see different physicians for four years with no improvement. I was convinced I would have to live in pain for the rest of my life. As soon as I started receiving treatment from Dr. Michael Jacobs my condition improved. Not only have my lower back problems subsided, but I am able to play golf and exercise on a regular basis again. Dr. Jacobs has really improved my quality of life and made me a believer in Chiropractic care.

Robby R.

Chiropractic helped my leg pain!

For about 5 years I have suffered with very sore leg muscles. My leg pain increased with walking and kept me up at night. After my 2nd visit the constant leg pain that I had been experiencing at night completely disappeared. I also felt that I was more mobile and the leg pain during the day has diminished significantly.

Adolph K.

The pain between my shoulders has diminished thanks to chiropractic care!

One day at work, while attempting to lift a box off the floor I overextended my upper back. The pain between my shoulders stabbed me so sharply that that I almost fainted and the pain intensified each time I tried to take a breath. The greatest benefits from Dr. Jacobs’ treatment are that I am stronger, more resilient, better balanced and more grounded than I was prior to my accident. This problem literally changed my life and taught me the benefit of good spinal care and regular wellness adjustments. I now firmly believe that getting regular wellness adjustments is essential to good health and I recommend Dr. Jacobs to all my friends and relatives.

Donna P.

Chiropractic helped with the whiplash caused by an auto accident

I was referred to Dr. Jacobs by a friend and came to see him after being in a car accident. I had severe pain in my shoulders, upper back, lower back and dizziness. Chiropractic has made a wondrous difference in my life. I started to see result from my care right away. I no longer have dizzy spells. Chiropractic has changed my life because I no longer feel like an old lady. I received excellent care from Dr. Jacobs and encourage others to relax and enjoy . . . the results are worth it!

Janet B.

Chiropractic for Kids – Torticollis

I brought my 2 month old son, Ryden, to Dr. Jacobs after he was diagnosed by his pediatrician with torticollis. it was believed this disorder was caused from possible trauma at birth. Ryden was unable to turn his head to the right without much discomfort and crying. We began to see results immediately after starting care with Dr. Jacobs. Chiropractic care has helped Ryden a lot! This has had a great impact on our lives, because my son is no longer in pain, he is much happier and is able to sleep better and longer at night. He is able to turn his head and is catching up developmentally, and is able to do mini-pushups while lying on his stomach, as well as rolling over. I would highly recommend Dr. Jacobs to anyone contemplating chiropractic care.

Cassie K.

Dr Jacobs is always on time!

Dr. Jacobs is always on time!!! He is very knowledgeable regarding all aspects of his profession and always gives me natural healing advice along with helping me with my ailments.  I was looking for a chiropractor who uses the “drop table”. He has one and I am thrilled! I will never stop going to Dr. Jacobs and highly recommend his services. He’s a great guy, too! You will love him.

Gay B.

I always feels safe

“When I go to Dr. Michael Jacobs for a chiropractic adjustment, I always feel safe. I am never concerned about whether a particular adjustment might be harmful. He always teaches me of pertinent exercises or other measures, including dietary suggestions, I can take to improve my condition. I always learn from him. Most important, I never leave his office without feeling better. In addition, he is so personable and pleasant.”Show More

“When I go to Dr. Michael Jacobs for a chiropractic adjustment, I always feel safe. I am never concerned about whether a particular adjustment might be harmful. He always teaches me of pertinent exercises or other measures, including dietary suggestions, I can take to improve my condition. I always learn from him. Most important, I never leave his office without feeling better. In addition, he is so personable and pleasant.”

Jean M.

Educates us

“Dr. Jacobs has taken excellent care of me and my family. He listens to us and educates us on how our bodies should be feeling and working. He is knowledgeable of vitamin supplements and stretching so he can give his patients a comprehensive plan for overall well-being and long lasting health. My teenagers trust Dr. Jacobs and look forward to appointments with him. As athletes their bodies take a beating, and Dr J puts them back together! His expertise, energy, and connection with patients make Dr. Jacobs an excellent chiropractor for all ages!”

Trish P.

Whole Health Practitioner

“Dr. J is far more than a chiropractor, he is a whole health practitioner. He is knowledgeable on nutrition, exercise, and the mind/body connection. He stays updated on the lastest health & wellness studies and passes on that information to his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Jacobs.

Other Results Heard in Our Office

  • My blood pressure went from 178/105 to 128/78 after I started chiropractic care.
  • I stopped taking sleeping tablets for the first time in three years.
  • This is the first month that I have not taken Albuterol for my Asthma.
  • Unexplained vertigo, all medical diagnostic tests negative and no help with any medication taken – resolved with regular chiropractic adjustments and VitalzymX supplements.
  • Acute episode of vertigo and ringing in the ears – resolved within 2 weeks of initiating care with Dr. Jacobs.
  • RLS – restless leg syndrome for years – 90% resolved with regular adjustments and the Natural Calm supplementation.
  • IBS – irritable bowel syndrome, improved with regular adjustments & supplementation.
  • I was able to get off my C-pap machine after starting with Dr. Jacobs.
  • My son’s ear infection cleared up shortly after getting adjusted.